Καλάθι αγορών

Νεοελληνική πεζογραφία μεταφράσεις

Κωδικός: 9786185453015
In 1951 Yannis Zervos arrives back to Greece, a country devasted by occupation and civil war. It is a start of an awareness of Greece and things Greek. It is a journey that takes him back to England where his family had fled during the civil war, to America where his travels included New York, Chica..
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Κωδικός: 9789607120335
"AROUND THE LAGOON", which Papadiamandis first published in two instalments in the magazine "Estia" in May 1 892, is one of his most finely crafted and densely written stories. A realistic setting and a flimsy plot are used to support a wealth of highly symbolic content. The physical descriptions of..
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