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Κωδικός: 9780194248815
Dominoes is a full-colour, interactive readers series that offers students a fun reading experience while building their language skills. With integrated activities and on-page glossaries the new edition of the series makes reading motivating for learners. Each reader is carefully graded to ensure e..
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Κωδικός: 9783990458624
An einem heien und langweiligen Nachmittag folgt Alice einem weien Kaninchen in seinen Bau. Dabei landet sie an einem uerst merkwrdigen Ort - dem Wunderland. Nichts ist dort, wie es sein soll: Tiere knnen sprechen, Kuchen und Getrnke lassen Alice wachsen und schrumpfen. Und dann tr..
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Κωδικός: 9781471563096
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Κωδικός: 9783852721552
In der bekannten und beliebten Pferdegeschichte dreht sich alles um den schwarzen Hengst Black Beauty. Der ungestme Rappe verbringt ein unbeschwertes Leben in einem umsorgenden Zuhause. Doch dann sind seine Besitzer gezwungen, ihn zu verkaufen. Black Beauty gert in die Hnde gewissenloser Menschen. E..
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Κωδικός: 9783711401168
Dan and Sue are in London with their parents when they see two men acting in a very strange way outside their hotel. They decide to follow them and find out that the men are stealing handbags. What happens when the men discover that Dan and Sue know their secret? And what can their parents do to hel..
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Κωδικός: 9781781644188
Global Compass Graded Readers provide beginning and intermediate English language learners accessible adaptations of the greatest works of literature. They are carefully designed to retell stories using vocabulary and sentence structure appropriate for one of six different grade levels...
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Κωδικός: 9780194233743
Classics, modern fiction, non-fiction and more. Written for secondary and adult students the Oxford Bookworms Library has seven reading levels from A1-C1 of the CEFR. Come with us to London - a city as old as the Romans, and as new as the twenty-first century. There are places to go - from Oxford..
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Κωδικός: 9780194022750
The true story of Hachiko, Japan's most famous dog, begins in the early 1920s, when he comes to live in Tokyo with Professor Ueno. Hachiko loves his new master. When the professor takes the train to work every morning, Hachiko goes with him to the station...
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Κωδικός: 9781471563348
Take the plunge into the thrilling life of the killer whale! Read about these extraordinary creatures/ family relationships, language, and intelligence - including the clever way they fight the most dangerous sharks. Filled with stories, illustrations and amazing information, this book will allow y..
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Κωδικός: 9789925313167
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Κωδικός: 9783990891292
Liam and Rose fall through time and space. When they open their eyes they are on the bank of the Mississippi river in America. But are they in the past, the present or the future? The two friends quickly run into trouble when they meet Mr Jackson and the Captain… the slave catchers! When Liam is cap..
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Κωδικός: 9783711401526
Follow Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in two different and exciting investigations, The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle and The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet, both about the theft of precious jewels. The thieves steal because they want to become rich. Sherlock Holmes works together with Dr Watson to..
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