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Take a trip around the globe to discover the greatest engineering genius of the 20th century and the will of modern man to achieve the unachievable. The Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern World, as recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers, testify to the unbelievable intellect requ..
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The Academy Stars Pupil's Book Pack provides multiple components that work together in and out of the classroom. The pack contains the print Pupil's Book plus an access code for the digital Pupil's Practice Kit and online Pupil's Resource Centre. * Strong learning skills strand develops critical t..
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Set in 17th-century Puritan Boston, Hester Prynne gives birth to an illegitimate child and is condemned to wear the scarlet letter ‘A’ as a sign of her adultery. Hester refuses to reveal the identity of her lover, and is forced to lead a life of humiliation. Meanwhile, Hester’s husband settles in Bo..
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Suddenly, Alice heard a new voice. "I'm late!" said the voice nervously. "I'm late, for a very important date!" Something ran by. It was a white rabbit. He wore clothes and he held a big watch in one paw. "I'm late!" said the rabbit again. Let's follow the rabbit to Wonderland!..
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Alice follows the White Rabbit down a rabbit hole and finds herself in the magical world of Wonderland, where anything can happen. She grows bigger and smaller and she meets a lot of very strange characters! These include the Caterpillar on his mushroom, the smiling Cheshire Cat, the Hatter and the ..
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How much did the Dutch pay for Manhattan Island in 1614? Where is the world's blue jeans headquarters? Who can you meet in the 'Malibu Colony', near Los Angeles? New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New Orleans are America's most distinctive and exciting cities. Similar in some ways an..
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