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In the year 1984, the people of Oceania cannot do, say or think what they want. They must love Big Brother, the Party leader, and follow him. ‘Everything’s great in Oceania,’ the Party says, but Winston questions his life. George Orwell’s masterpiece of dystopian science-fiction warns us of the dang..
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Two young couples escape from Athens, and their parents, only to get lost in a enchanted forest, where the mischievous fairy, Puck, makes both men fall in love with just one of the women. As the couples chase each other through the forest, Puck helps his master, Oberon, play a trick on the fairy que..
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Κωδικός: 9788853005113
In three stories three characters teach us lessons: the tortoise ‘slowly but surely’ wins the race; the mouse becomes a ‘great little friend’ to the mighty lion; the country mouse prefers the quiet life back home to the luxury – and dangers – of the town...
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Take a closer look at these stunning plants. They are a beautiful sight to our eyes, yet they are one of nature/s predators. They are harmless to people, but really dangerous to insects which land on their "deadly" traps. Learn more about their trapping mechanisms, life cycle, and their nutritiona..
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Κωδικός: 9788853006974
Designed with an eye to CLIL (content and language integrated learning), Connections is intended to meet the functional and notional requirements of EFL teaching at CEFR levels B1-B2 . Objectives: • Language practice: development of reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, including the E..
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Κωδικός: 9780194243421
For thousands of years the dead body of the young king Tutankhamun slept under the sands of Egypt. Then, in the autumn of 1922, Howard Carter and his friends find and open his tomb door. These are exciting times, and Carter's young helper Tariq tells the story in his diary. But soon people begin ..
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Κωδικός: 9783852721576
Jake hat seinen Vater bereits fnf Jahre nicht mehr gesehen, als er mit ihm einen Sommerurlaub in Griechenland verbringen soll. Doch als Jake am Flughafen von Athen ankommt, ist sein Vater unauffindbar. Die griechischen Behrden interessieren sich nicht fr den Fall und so beschliet Jake dem Verschwind..
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A discreet advertisement in The Times lures four very different women away from the dismal British weather to San Salvatore, a castle high above a bay on the sunny Italian Riviera. There, the Mediterranean spirit stirs the souls of Mrs Arbuthnot, Mrs Wilkins, Lady Caroline Dester and Mrs Fisher, and..
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Κωδικός: 9789925313099
Energy drives our world. When you think “energy,” what do you think of? What about sound and light? Are they forms of energy? Just what is energy, anyway? includes: Activities E-book..
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The Classic Graphic Novel Collection is a revolutionary new series of graphic novels which re-tells classic literature for learners of English. Graded at intermediate to upper-intermediate (B1-B2) levels, the fresh blend of contemporary storytelling and captivating artwork ensures that students will..
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Κωδικός: 9783990458570
Hamlet’s life is turned upside down when his father, the king, dies, and his mother Queen Gertrude marries her brother-in-law, Claudius. When the ghost of his dead father appears to him, Hamlet embarks on a long and difficult journey for the truth. Enjoy this powerful and enduring story of revenge ..
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