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Κωδικός: 9783125017252
Published 2017. Class Act is a photocopiable collection of 12 short plays aimed at young learners of English, aged 7-11. The plays cover a variety of topics and genres, including traditional and modern tales, comedy and fantasy. The plays offer an age-appropriate and fun way for young children to..
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Storytime Activities Once upon a time is a set of stories and storytelling activities. There are extra photocopiable storytelling tasks that can be used with any story. CEFR levels: A1, A2, A2+, B1..
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Κωδικός: 9783125017290
Published 2017. The CLIL Resource Pack offers teachers a bank of over 120 motivating activities for the CLIL classroom. The Pack consists of a Photocopiable Resource Book and accompanying IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) software as well as over 60 songs, chants, poems and dialogues to enliven the cl..
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Κωδικός: 9789606891564
Τα βασικότερα Γραμματικά φαινόμενα με επεξηγήσεις και παραδείγματα σε 6 πλαστικοποιημένες σελίδες Α4. Κατάλληλο για την επανάληψη και εμπέδωση των βασικών γραμματικών φαινομένων..
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